Dangers of Faulty Brakes

Dangers of Faulty Brakes

Brakes are an essential part of any motor vehicle. If brakes malfunction, there is a high risk of collision and injury. There are many reasons for brake failure. Brakes may stop working due to lack of proper maintenance, and this is generally the fault of the driver. Brakes may be faulty from the start due to negligent design or manufacturing.

Toyota recently announced a global recall of 340,000 Priuses, 92,000 of which are in the United States. The recall is due to a defect in the emergency brake, which many people use to keep the car still without keeping their foot on the brake. The emergency brake in certain 2016 and 2017 models of the Prius can suddenly fail without warning. If the emergency brake fails to stop the car, the driver may be injured. Several reports have been made to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) regarding property damage and injury resulting from the issue. You can check to see if your Prius is affected at the NHTSA recall lookup site.

If you have been injured because the brakes failed on your Prius or any other vehicle, you should discuss your rights with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. In many situations, you can hold an auto manufacturer liable for selling a defective vehicle that caused you injuries. These cases can be complex, so you should have a skilled lawyer if you want to pursue legal action.

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